LCM Group optimises legal services for individuals, small-medium businesses and large corporate clients.

Most of our clients will immediately enjoy a significant reduction in their legal costs (up to 50%) within the first month after commissioning our services. This applies to clients engaged in ongoing litigation, as well as non-contentious matters.

In addition, we optimise the timing and quality of your legal services, enabling you to achieve the desired result within a shorter period.

How Optimisation Works

LCM’s optimisation processes mitigates the natural conflict of interests that exists between clients and lawyers.  That is, lawyers are always fundamentally interested in generating fees by working for as long as possible on a legal case, whereas the client is inherently interested in avoiding legal costs, making sure their case is completed as quickly as possible, and the desired result is achieved.

LCM enables optimisation of legal services by efficient management of the legal process – separating the bulk of administrative and mechanical aspects of your legal case from the substantive legal advisory elements.  By allocating the administrative and mechanical tasks to paralegals and allowing legal experts to handle the advisory elements, LCM achieves a highly cost-effective result that is delivered on time and to expected quality standards.

Please see below for an overview of the numerous optimisation methods we employ.

LCM’s optimisation services cover 3 main aspects of your legal case requirements:



  • Preparation of professional instructions and briefs with high specificity to ensure lawyers don’t spend time on unnecessary inquiries, information collection, conferences, calls, emails etc.
  • Monitoring lawyers’ performance of instructions with detailed time schedules, regular reporting and accountability requirements.



  • Identification, differentiation and separation of administrative legal services from substantive legal services. Whilst substantive legal services remain with the lawyer, we can process much of the administrative work as part of our legal case management (LCM) activity – at a significantly lower rate.
  • The provision of financing solutions through our partner company Legal Cost Finance to provide predictability and convenience as part of your legal cost management.



  • Combining cost and time optimisation techniques to achieve an efficient path towards a desired outcome for you.  If necessary we will recommend alternative legal service providers (via our proprietary legal directory, which tracks success rates of various lawyers around the world) who will ensure your interests are duly protected.
  • LCM ensures that only meritorious cases are pursued and that advice given by lawyers, first and foremost, serves your interests.  If a lawyer is seen to be pushing you towards a legal process that unrealistically raises your expectations (in order to generate fees for the lawyer) you will be alerted accordingly and guided towards alternative options.

    Briefly, a recent case study might illustrate our service better:

    A HNW individual spent a small fortune on legal costs over a simple lease dispute with a landlord.

    He employed three law firms (one after the other) in an attempt to resolve the dispute, which was based on the landlord’s refusal to allow a new connection to the building’s main electricity board following remodelling of the client’s flat.

    The client’s first legal team informed him the matter was complicated and would take time to reach an agreement.  In short, a myriad of letters were sent to the landlord – all without resolution.

    The client was based overseas and trusted his UK legal team, believing he was in good hands.

    After parting with over £60,000 for the services of his first legal team, his second legal team also began piling up hefty costs employing a similar strategy of protracted correspondence, and again with no significant progress despite months of legal activity.

    He then hired a third law firm who also recognised the opportunity to earn fees rather than resolve the problem, and suggested a similar ‘long road’ strategy.

    But all the client wanted was for someone to step in, negotiate with the landlord directly and find an amicable solution as quickly as possible.

    He complained about his experience to his client relations manager at the UK multi-family office where the client was enjoying a high level of support with other services.  He was advised about Legal Case Management and immediately contacted us.

    To the client’s great relief, we were able to resolve his matter successfully within a couple of weeks by simply arranging a round-table negotiation with his landlord.

    Unlike the big-name law firms that the client approached initially, Legal Case Management operated with the client’s best interests in mind.  We brought in an expert negotiator – an experienced barrister – only for the part of the legal process (the round table meeting) where he was truly needed, thereby saving on considerable ancillary legal costs.

    Our client, having parted with nearly £100,000 over several months with his previous legal representation, paid just £5,000 to achieve the desired case outcome in a matter of a couple of weeks.

    Incidentally, the client offered us a substantial bonus for acting in his best interest, which we happily accepted and shared with the multi-family office that referred the client to us.

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