Welcome to Legal Cost Finance

Britain has a world-renowned legal system, which has enabled us to play the leading role in the promotion of the Rule of Law, with fairness and the commitment to protect all in society.

However, barriers in different shapes and sizes, are preventing many individuals and businesses in gaining access to justice. This has to stop.  The list of barriers is increasing – and those affected by them is widening.  The main barriers include: an inability to afford legal costs; poor transparency and visibility within the legal world, which has created a lack of trust among those seeking legal support; and a lack of understanding of the legal process – starting with not knowing where to turn for relevant and affordable legal support.  These barriers mean Britain is dangerously close to losing its standing among the world leaders in legal justice.  Not having access to a great legal system is like not having a great legal system at all.

We are not just talking about the severe cuts made to our publicly funded legal system in recent years.  While these cuts mean that the most vulnerable in our society are suffering from the lack of legal representation, the question of affording legal justice applies across a wider demographic, and is currently preventing millions of individuals and businesses from achieving fair outcomes.

That is why Legal Cost Finance provides a solution for EVERY ONE and EVERY BUSINESS requiring legal support.  We are changing the legal landscape forever and for the better.

Legal Cost Finance is the only payment solution of its kind and covers costs relating to all types of cases (contentious and non-contentious).  It has been welcomed with open arms by the legal industry, with The Bar Council recommending Legal Cost Finance as one of its service partners.

Our aim is to transform the legal services landscape by providing access to justice to all, through affordable payment plans which are independent of case type and nature of legal cost.

We achieve our mission by the following methods:

Benefits to ALL Sides

By opting to pay your legal costs by instalments, you can proceed confidently, without the added burden of wondering how and when you might meet your lawyer’s fees.  In return, Legal Cost Finance ensures that your lawyer is always paid.

As an added advantage for you, we believe that lawyers should reciprocate the benefits they enjoy through Legal Cost Finance by offering discounts on their legal fees. The discounts are intended to offset the underlying credit fees (i.e. the interest rate) resulting in you paying your legal costs by instalments with, effectively, no additional costs.

Fair Relations

By achieving fair relations between lawyers and clients, tangible cost controls are installed that assist in resolving billing disputes and ensuring delivery of quality legal services within expected time-frames and budgets that suit all parties.


With more than 20 years of innovation and excellence in the legal service market, Legal Cost Finance is revolutionising the industry, providing those needing legal support with three bespoke plans.

The burden of paying large legal fees in advance is eased significantly with our tailored ‘payment plan’ options

Legal Cost Finance is the first solution of this kind and we are proud to pioneer our services in the UK.  We are unique and innovative, in that we provide affordable payments for legal services.

We align the interests of all – consumers, lawyers, credit providers, and escrow agents – to achieve what we call ‘cost-neutral’ financing solutions that offer greater access to justice while improving business efficiency for legal service providers.

Connecting You To The Right Lawyer

We have an extensive panel of legal professionals – from solicitors through to Direct Access Barristers – who accept ‘payment plans’ from Legal Cost Finance.  Our panel of lawyers offer discounts on their legal fees to offset the underlying credit fees (i.e. the interest rate) resulting in you paying your legal costs by instalments.  This means that effectively, there is no additional cost to you for using a ‘payment plan’.

Before being accepted as a panel member, we vet lawyers meticulously to ensure they meet proper practice standards and our client service expectations, so you can rest-assured that you’ll be connected to a lawyer who won’t let you down.  Wherever you are based in the UK and no matter what your legal matter, we will connect you with the lawyer that’s right for your individual circumstances and requirements.

Which Payment Plan is for You?

Use our matrix to work out which plan is right for you or your business.
  • For individuals with limited access to funds.
  • Unsecured financing, up to £25,000, for both contentious and non-contentious cases.
  • Cost-neutral payment plans with no interest payable for the first 12 months.
  • For individuals & businesses who wish to pay small instalments.
  • Secured financing for both contentious and non-contentious cases.
  • No need to pay your lawyer up front (’on account’) from your own pocket before any work is done.
  • For individuals & businesses involved in costly litigation.
  • Secured financing for unpredictable and expensive litigation.
  • Fixed repayment structures to minimise the impact of litigation and ease your cash-flow constraints.