About Us

LCM Group is the UK’s leading para-law firm and consultant in legal services optimisation.

About Us

LCM is run by legally trained individuals who between them have over 50 years’ experience in assisting private and commercial clients to achieve greater efficiency in all aspects of their legal requirements.

Our main approach is based on the principle of legal case management (LCM) which is an essential support resource for all consumers of legal services.  It is designed for clients who understand the advantages of processing bulk of administrative and mechanical aspects of their legal case by relying on paralegal support, while leaving experts to handle the technical and advisory aspects only.   This approach ensures your legal representatives are working at maximum effectiveness – giving the best available advice and not stretching a case to justify billing hours.

Clients also use LCM services to manage complicated cases that require coordination of numerous legal representatives, various jurisdictions and/or multifaceted issues that arise in the legal process (e.g. accounting, forensics, expert opinions).

LCM offers you a professional on your team to ensure your legal representation is managed to achieve desired results, on time and on budget.

What is a ‘para-law firm’?

A para-law firm combines regulated services offered by solicitors and barristers with the services of unregulated paralegals.   A para-law firm differs from a standard law firm in that it can handle the bulk of the mechanical and administrative work involved in legal cases in an unregulated context, resulting in a significant cost reduction through savings on compliance and insurance.  At the same time, the client enjoys full protection through the para-law firm’s regulated service providers.  In contrast, a standard law firm provides both advisory and paralegal services in a regulated format – driving the cost of paralegal support upwards.

Access to Justice Initiative

A driving force behind LCM is our commitment to the principle that everyone should have access to justice.  It is our belief that the approach we take to optimising legal services can have a major impact on reducing legal costs, which are often cited as a significant barrier to justice.

Our access to justice initiative is designed to assist companies and individuals who are currently engaged in litigation and are limited by the high cost of legal services to enforce their legal rights and interests.  For more information on the initiative please Contact Us.

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