Questions you must ask before hiring a lawyer…

Hiring the wrong lawyer could be a costly mistake – so make sure you get the right professional for your needs.

We suggest that you ask the following ten questions:

1. ‘Do you accept payment plans?’  If you have a budget to keep to, cashflow issues or simply prefer to spread your legal costs over a longer period, you’ll need a Legal Cost Finance affiliated lawyer who is geared to accept your payments by affordable instalments over time.

2. ‘What track record do you have in dealing with my type of case?’  Make sure you don’t pay to educate your lawyer.  Ask about their practice experience.  Theoretical knowledge alone is often not enough.

3. ‘Will you be relying on legal process outsourcing (LPO)?’  If your lawyer doesn’t already use external paralegals to process standard legal tasks at much lower cost than employing in house staff, then they should consider doing so.  LPO can deliver the same results as internal staff at a fixed price and time frame with no excuses, absences or overload issues.   If your lawyer does use LPO, then make sure they pass the cost saving onto you.

4. ‘What is your current workload like?’  The last thing you need is a lawyer who takes on too many cases.  an age to respond to your queries – remember, you’re paying good money so if you’re not happy with the answer or the lawyer is non-committal. Move on.

5. Conflicts of interest – what if your lawyer is working for other clients who are competitors or even former business partners? If so, are you happy sharing sensitive information?

6. Communication is key, so establish how your lawyer likes to work – in person, phone, email, Skype… you need to know, especially if there is likely to be a lot of bouncing back and forwards. If it’s scheduled meetings only, again, ask if this is the right lawyer for you?

7. Billing breakdown – even if you have Legal Cost Finance guaranteeing the costs, you need to know how and what you are being charged. Is everything rounded to the hour or is it done by the minutes, letter, email and so on – make sure you know everything!

8. Be direct – they may specialise in your area of law, but how many cases have they take on and, how many cases have they won? If they’ve handled a good number and a won a high percentage, it’s an easy choice – but if it’s their first case or have lost more than they’ve won, you may need to look again.

9. Can I win? Simple and direct, you need to ask your lawyer if you have a possibility of wining the case. You need honesty and if it looks like a lengthy slog, you need to know – just as you need to know if there are alternatives such as out of court settlements and suchlike.

10. Ask who the lawyer typically represents – a simple yet important question. If they normally handle corporate clients or high net-worth individuals, and you’re a student or small business with a relatively low profile case, another lawyer better suited to your circumstances may do a better job.

*  People are paying too much for legal support and lots don’t even get legal support because of the costs or perceived costs.  We can offer an ideal cost-effective solution.

*  In addition, there are now different routes to legal support, but for the consumer this is all very confusing.  Yet, legal matters are important – and making the wrong decision as to which legal route to pursue could be very costly, in a whole manner of ways (e.g. could pay more than they should, could choose a route which doesn’t give the best outcome, could appoint a lawyer who is not the best for their case, could create more stress). Legal Case Management can find the right lawyer at the right price